Token Approvals

How to Revoke Smart Contract Token Approvals

Token approvals are an essential part of web3. Before you can swap tokens, provide liquidity to liquidity pools, or stake with farms, users must first allow smart contracts to access their assets. Once approved, the smart contract will have permission to use the approved amount of tokens. This is usually not a problem, but bad actors could steal your funds if you are not careful. Read on to learn more.

Trash Tokens

Vulnerabilities In Your Wallet – Fear the Trash Tokens

If you’re the type of diligent DeFi user that checks their wallet address on FTMScan you may have some noticed tokens you don’t recognize. FTM scan\’s data has revealed that hundreds of thousands of FTM wallets have been plagued by this wave of unwanted airdrops. But, what are these trash tokens? And what should you do about them? 

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