Lessons Learned in a Crypto Crash

We have witnessed spectacular events over the past week that would make any crypto bear giddy with excitement. After the announcement of the Fed’s rate rise by 0.50%, both the traditional and crypto markets briefly rallied before being relentlessly pummeled down. The crypto market has since capitulated to test the summer 2021 lows. While sentiment is low, it is a terrific opportunity to learn so we can position ourselves for success. Here are a few lessons that I learned over this past week.

Crypto Salt

How is a blockchain like a pile of salt?

As I write this, Twitter is lighting up with news about “Roosh being liquidated” and the “fallout that this will have on the Fantom chain”. What’s interesting to me is that it seems like many other blockchains and even stocks like Netflix, which is down nearly 75% from its high in November, are all in …

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