Lending Market

Tarot: Great Power and Greater Responsibility

Tarot came to surface on Fantom in May 2021 and has since then, cemented itself as a non-custodial, permissionless blue-chip project on the network. Founded by pseudonymous developer Tigris of Gaul, who introduced users of the chain to the new DeFi primitive of Leveraged Yield farming and isolated lending pools.

Geist: Scary Easy

Introduction Geist Finance is a lending platform on Fantom based on the successful DeFi protocol AAVE. The Geist protocol is unique in that there is no governance and there are no Venture Capitalists involved. The developers place a strong emphasis on the protocol’s permissionless nature and its revenue earning token which shares platform fees with …

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SCREAM: Empowering Financial Freedom

What is Scream? Scream is a decentralized lending protocol on Fantom which allows users to leverage existing crypto assets to borrow, lend and earn interest. Loans on Scream are overcollateralized meaning the value of borrowed assets must always be lower than the value of deposited collateral. When a loan becomes undercollateralized, the collateral is liquidated …

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