State of the Opera – June 2022

Greetings fellow DeFi degen. It’s never a dull moment in the crypto verse and the team at Lrn.Fi is excited to bring you up to date with the latest comings and goings. In this edition, we’ll be discussing the bright multi-chain future, two iconic Fantom project birthdays, the latest news from the Celcius a

State of the Opera – April 2022

Hello! We’re glad to have you here for another State of the Opera. What a wild ride April has been! In this installment, we’ll cover some of our favorite protocols’ new upgrades, SpirtSwap and SpookySwap celebrating their first birthday, and the liquidation event that gripped the ecosystem. 

A large opera room pixelated and airbrushed to show a title, State of the Opera Edition #2. The Byte Mason logo sits underneath the title.

State of the Opera – February 2022

Welcome back to the State of the Opera. February was a truly memorable month with a wave of news to pour-over. On the discussion board for this edition; Harry Yeh and tomb/2omb/3omb, Andre Cronje’s ‘Solidly’ launches, and crypto’s role in international affairs. Also, have you taken the $OATH? 

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