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Trading with Toli: Support, Resistance, Trading Ranges & Trends

“We are about to hit a key HTF S/R level and depending on how price behaves around there, we could see a major breakout or a consolidation back into the trading range.” What’s an HTF S/R Level? Why does price behavior matter there? What are trading ranges? Where are all these things located on a …

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Trading with Toli: Charting Essentials

In this week’s column, we’ll begin to explore the basis of technical analysis. Starting with the most essential tool for any speculator worth his salt: the Candle Chart. Indicators that seem simple  or even trite at first can, with the proper intuition, yield a bounty of valuable information. To train our intuitions to be sensitive …

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Update: Introducing Reaper Farm Tags

A new dawn is setting upon Scully’s horizon. In our continued efforts to provide a better user experience for Reaper Farm users, the Byte Masons are rolling out descriptive Tags that should help categorize Crypts, all of which present different risks, at different levels.

A pixel jester laid out in a pattern with the letter D Y O R over the top. A Byte Mason logo sits under


The first installment of a multi-part series, where we look to bridge the perspective gap between developers, VCs, traders and the curious explorer. This episode will cover the mindset and framework to DYOR.

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