What the Hell Are the Byte Masons up to? Part IV

As you know, winter has begun to nestle snugly on all markets this August. However, Byte Masons have decided to take a note from the Best. That’s right, Biz Dev is still buzzing, and Engineers are building. We are all working hard to generate value regardless of market conditions. In this article, we’ll pull back the curtain a bit and explore just what the hell we’ve been up to.


Our flagship product continues to receive plenty of love from the dev team. We’ve got a few things to announce as complete and, as always, a few more things coming down the pike.

What’s done:

Our strategists are continuously cooking up novel strategies like the Granary sFTMX crypt, which supplies and borrows different assets to compound different rewards.

Looking cross-chain, we are continuing to expand our offerings on Optimism. We’ve launched AAVE single-sided folding crypts for blue chips and stable coins up and running on Optimism. Making things easier for everyone, we’ve also launched Balancer-tech zappers for Beethoven crypts on FTM and OP.

What’s coming:

The veVELO voting vault is speeding towards completion as it progresses through the review and testing stages. This will allow us to compound rewards for veNFTs without taking on any custody risk. Cyclists, be ready!

Our team is continuing to work on updating our Boo vaults for Magicat functionality. This complex process requires off-chain optimization but will offer the best cat-themed yield possible when ready.


Reliquary is firming up more and more each day. We continue working with partners to ensure that the system launches with maximum value and support. For the update, I’ll defer to this quote from Bebis:

“The front end is making nice progress and we’ve made a lot of important headway on the sales front. Reliquary is able to turn $1mm of incentives into $200mm of productive capital on-chain over a year, which has been expressed as a vital need by many of our prospective clients.”


Expect more updates soon as we near the finish line.


The Granary is continuing to blossom into something extraordinary. The team has been hard at work, making it the greatest of all lending protocols (in my honest and not at all biased opinion). But I’ll let their work speak for itself.

What’s done:

The Granary team has accomplished a lot this last month, so much so we are going to bullet point it all!

  • TVL has been counted for Stader/OATH incentive program.
  • DeFi Llama yields have been integrated.
  • SFTMX reserve has been added to the Fantom deployment.
  • Risk Framework has been completed for all deployments.
  • Settled on the vision for the Front-End Redesign.
  • Certik audit has begun.
  • Granary is now live on METIS, meaning six chains now have access to the best lending protocol of all time (my unbiased and entirely rational opinion).
What’s coming:

With the Granary, you can sow and harvest all year round. We expect to harvest the following bounty over the coming weeks:

  • Integrate Coinbase wallet, Wallet Connect and Core Wallet.
  • Create a display for each reserve’s bad debt.
  • Implement private liquidations.
  • Create a diagram for each reserve’s interest rate.
  • Add $BAL, $MAI, and $sUSD on Optimism deployment.
  • Integrate Zappers.
  • Add an update FlashLoan fee function.
  • Add boosted pools.
  • Build out incentive tools to better attain targeted interest rates.

As you can see, the Granary team is keeping very busy across multiple chains! There is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on Discord, so you don’t miss anything.


If you follow the Lrn.Fi Twitter, you would have seen our big announcement already. But if you missed it, Lrn.Fi will be partnering with the FTM Alerts team to create a new platform called Blockbytes!

Things will change, but only for the better! This partnership will allow us to significantly expand and enhance our content offerings with video and audio supplements. This will amplify our ability to provide crypto users with the best, most accessible educational content.

You can continue to expect the informative content we’ve been publishing for the last year alongside some newer shows and formats with a bit more commentary and entertainment. Expect a sleeker, more polished front end soon.

As always, the lrn.fi team is open to feedback and potential contributors so don’t be afraid to reach out to us directly either on Twitter (@lrn_fi) or Discord (Corval#1788).

Wrapping Up

Regular readers may have noticed no updates on our Secret Projects. Well, they wouldn’t be very secret if I shared everything, would they? ;^)

As you can see, work is continuing at a steady pace. Our products continue to develop and mature in a way that will position them for success when the crypto economy enters its recovery phase. We are very grateful for those of you who have stuck around and remained engaged with our projects, and we hope this peek behind the curtain has shown that your faith is well placed with us.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or whatever, we’re eager to hear them! Come by the Discord or Twitter and let us know what’s on your mind! Till next time, keep your tokens close and your cash closer!

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