How to DYOR: News and Events Aggregators

Welcome to another installment of DYOR. In our previous editions, we’ve covered venture capitalist resources, crypto research firms, and centralized exchanges, which provide quality educational content for those curious minds that inhabit the crypto ecosystem. In this installment, I’ll dive into some news and events aggregators that scour the crypto universe to keep you updated on the ever-changing news cycles. 


We begin with a titan of the crypto news industry, CoinDesk. They’ve been in the Bitcoin and digital currency-related news game since 2013. With close to a decade of experience, CoinDesk maintains a vast portfolio of newsletters, editorials, podcasts, and research papers as well as the latest news. Visitors to CoinDesk could lose themselves for hours in the expertly crafted and curated content that this website has to offer.

For those that know me, you’ll know that I’m a fan of newsletters. CoinDesk has more options in their Newsletter section than there are days in a week. You’ve got a weekly newsletter tailored for financial advisors, another covering the evolution of Ethereum every Wednesday, and an insightful option discussing the relationship between cryptocurrency and government. These condensed nuggets of information will deliver quality news directly to your inbox and keep you up to date on the latest comings and goings. 

Layer 2 is CoinDesk’s answer to long-form journalism. This weekly online magazine delivers a range of opinion columnists, and investor-grade research focused on a central theme. Readers have eleven distinct themes to choose from at the time of writing this article, including Privacy Week, Sports Week, and the Future of Work Week

Podcasts are another great way to learn about crypto, and you will not find CoinDesk lacking in content. The website has 14 different podcasts, with multiple being released daily. You’ve got a podcast for NFTs, daily news, interviews, panel discussions, and much more. The most intriguing option I listened to was Hard Problems with Bram Cohen. Current Chia CEO and BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen discuss and explore some of the trickiest topics that plague our modern world. While this series only has a few episodes, they delve into some tough subjects like ransomware and Bram’s reinvention of distributed, proof of work consensus known as Proofs of Space.

Of course, I must mention the constantly updated Markets section that posts news, interviews, analysis, and opinion pieces about everything and anything related to digital assets. They also have an extensive Research and Reports section as well as dozens of Webinars available to visitors that will surely keep you busy. 


We have another of the greats of news and educational content in this edition with Cointelegraph. Established in 2013, Cointelegraph is one of the leading independent digital media resources currently available. The team comprises dozens of writers, renowned editors, and talented artists who have worked hard to make Cointelegraph a household name amongst those in the know. 

Cointelegraph Magazine delves deep into the blockchain conversation with stories, trends, and personalities. This publication brands itself as people-centric and tries to answer why the true believers of blockchain feel they can change the world. Within the magazine, readers will find featured columns, quality interviews with industry experts, and great sections on NFTs and digital art. If you’re too busy to scroll through all the news on offer within the magazine, Hodler’s Digest is a weekly recap of the top news stories.

Here are some interesting columns I’d recommend reading from the publication:

  • Crypto City Guides – These articles explore crypto-forward cities around the world and talk about the notable projects and people that shape them. 
  • 6 Questions for –  The Cointelegraph Staff interview various movers and shakers within the ecosystem to understand their future goals and motivations.
  • William Shatner Interview – Hear what the Shatman has to say about his NFT project on the WAX blockchain and some sage life advice.

Cointelegraph Research is the website’s source of institutional-grade research on blockchain and digital assets. These expertly crafted reports and databases are invaluable for those seeking high-level knowledge and data.  They’ve got over a dozen public access (complimentary) reports covering various topics and a handful of Premium Reports available for purchase. The prices of these reports range from USD 99 to about USD 2,500. Frankly, USD 99 is not too much of an ask for the quality reporting within. The Databases on offer will cost you about USD 500 each, but if you’re after a comprehensive dataset that is updated weekly, this is the place. 

Your options are:

  • Venture Capital Database – Data on fundraising rounds of crypto companies around the globe from 2013 onwards
  •  Regulatory Database – Data on the actions of regulators and law enforcement agencies on companies/individuals that operate within the digital asset market

Did you know that Cointelegraph has a Youtube channel? Hundreds of videos featuring interviews, documentaries, beginner content, and countless reports on digital assets. Some more honorable mention to Cointelegraph is their Expert Take section. Written by specialists within the field, these articles provide informed points of view on the ‘nuances and niches’ of the industry. Explained and their structured Beginner Series is Cointelegraph’s quality entry for crypto novices.

Did I forget to mention their extensive and constantly updated News section? It’s not unheard of to find dozens of new market stories released daily.


CryptoPanic has been a staple news aggregation tool for many Discord servers, and for a good reason. The site offers a constantly updated stream of crypto-related news where users can discuss and share comments and concerns within each thread. While not as user-friendly as the previous options on this list, it offers community members the chance to engage and debate various news items. 

The News section is updated several times each hour with top news articles from around the internet. Readers can filter the page based on specific assets and several unique user-voted attributes. The usual Like and Dislike exist, and they’re coupled with LOL, Bullish, Bearish, Important, and Toxic tags that allow the community easy communication tools to filter through the flood of content. The Home page provides you with the trending articles of the day and lists the most recent comments so you can see where interest and discussions are being held.

The Media tab operates the same way as the News section but for video and podcast crypto content. Polls are a place for voting and discussing community-curated polls with thousands of votes on each topic.  The site even offers a free Portfolio Tracker that can monitor your holdings while you’re perusing the site.

I will add a caveat to this entry and say that the best way to engage with this platform is to create an account. You’ll be allowed to comment, vote, and rate the articles on offer and be able to take advantage of the community discussions that are available on this project.


Crypto moves fast. It can be hard to keep track of current news, let alone upcoming conferences, releases, and occurrences that may have huge implications for a coin/project. Enter CoinMarketCal. This cryptocurrency calendar is a community-driven project that aims to keep its users updated on significant events in cryptocurrency. 

The Home Page is where you’ll find all the listings for upcoming events. Each individual event listing provides readers with a link to the event announcement and the source. Registered users can do their civic duty by voting on the validity of each event so make sure you keep an eye on that poll at the bottom. If you feel like the events on the page could affect your bottom line you can add the event to your Google Calendar or schedule a reminder for the occasion. The site offers impressive filtering tools to help you sort out what’s important to you. 

Trying to get a grasp of what events are trending or significant? Try the Highlights section, where the platform provides you with the occasions that everyone is talking about.  If you need more crypto newsletters, check out the “3 coins to keep an eye on”. The team sends out a weekly selection of three coins worth looking at based on upcoming events and technical analysis (TA). Honestly a relatively concise and advanced option for those who learn better through TA.

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