How To Bridge Tokens To Optimism With Multichain

Cross-chain is the future, and here at, we are very optimistic about the future. Read on and learn how you can tap into Optimism, the future-facing Ethereum L2 chain. We will show you how to bridge tokens to Optimism.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a layer 2 blockchain that runs on top of Ethereum. It helps scale Ethereum through optimistic rollups in which transactions are trustlessly recorded and computed off-chain on Optimism. They are then batched together to be secured on Ethereum. This means users benefit from the speed and affordability of an alt-chain and the security of Ethereum. For Fantom users, the experience of using Optimism will be pretty familiar with EVM support (you should be able to use the same wallet, e.g. MetaMask), low transaction fees, and super-fast transactions. Fantom users will be used to using FTM for their gas fees. On Optimism, you will need to use ETH to pay for transactions.

What is Multichain?

Multichain is an open source cross-chain router protocol that allows blockchain networks to connect. It supports over 40 networks, including Ethereum, BNB chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Optimism. This protocol allows for seamless cross-chain asset transfers for users of multiple blockchains. Bridges facilitate transfers between two blockchains, while routers allow transfers between two or more chains. Transfers generally only take a few minutes, and fees are highly competitive.

What is Multichain from Binance Academy

Connecting your MetaMask to the Optimism Network

For this guide, we will use MetaMask to bridge assets from Fantom to Optimism. To begin, you will need some tokens loaded into your web3 wallet. Check out our handy guide if you haven’t set up a MetaMask wallet. The simplest way to add the Optimism network to your MetaMask is to go to ChainList and hit connect-wallet for Optimism. Approve the connection within MetaMask and then click the Add-To-Metamask button. Once you approve this in MetaMask, you will have access to the Optimism Network.


Bridge assets to Optimism

Now that Optimism is added to your MetaMask wallet, you are ready to bridge assets using Multichain. The first step is to navigate over to the Multichain website. Once you are there, click on ‘Connect to a Wallet’ in the top right corner.

1. Select Connect within MetaMask to finish connecting the wallet.
2. Select Connect within MetaMask to finish connecting the wallet.
3. Connect
The top section is where and what is being sent and the bottom is where its going.

In the top ‘From’ section of the Multichain menu, select the asset you want to move and the network you wish to send it from. We will be sending ETH from the Fantom Network, so we have some gas to use on the Optimism Network. Enter the total amount you would like to bridge here.

Now in the ‘To’ section, choose the Optimism main-net as the network. You can preview how much you will receive after the transfer is completed. For our case, there is a 0% cross-chain fee with an additional 0.001055 ETH gas fee. The estimated time of arrival is 10-30 minutes. Once you have double-checked everything, you are ready to approve the token for transfer. Click Approve and follow the approval process within MetaMask.

Approve it!

After confirming the approval transaction, hit the Swap button and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Confirm it!

And that is it! The transfer should complete in 30 minutes or less. If you cannot see your asset in Metamask, you may need to add the token contract. You will now be ready to jump into Optimism. While the network is still in its adolescence, there are plenty of high-quality projects. Follow our Twitter, join our Discord, and bookmark Learn as we continue to explore Optimism in the coming weeks.

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