Learn DeFi And Roadmap

If you’re in DeFi, you need to learn DeFi. Simple as.

Would you captain a ship without ever having set out to sea before? Without knowing the currents, the maps of the stars or even where the next port is?

You would be quickly lost and adrift at sea and as vulnerable as a manatee at boat week. If the pirates don’t plunder your stores, or the whales don’t swallow you whole, or the storms don’t tear your ship apart, you’ll slowly waste away.

Throw in a hurricane and it sounds a lot like the crypto markets to me.

You’re the captain of your ship. You have to be aware of the dangers. You have to chart the course. You have to stock the ship (with money). You have to decide what ports to dock at (what trades to make).

You. You. You. It’s all about you!

So, you have to learn how to navigate these uncharted waters. Unfortunately, this is new territory so there are no maps. We are all having to learn through trial and error. A painful and expensive process.

So let’s not do it alone. Let’s map these waters together.

Join us in building the best crypto education platform possible. Join our Discord and take part in the knowledge share or pitch us some articles.Take part in the new age of exploration! Be on the bleeding edge of tech and maybe make a few bucks too. 

We are already sourcing content from the saltiest sea dogs in DeFi for you. They’ll make sure you know how to swim with the whales so you don’t get swallowed, identify the siren songs of unrealistic APRs, and understand just which way the wind is blowing.

This is just the start. 

We can’t promise you won’t get wrecked, or that you’ll moon forever. But we can and will deliver open and accessible information so you have a real shot at survival.

Learn DeFi Roadmap

Each phase is only entered when the previous phase’s goal is met.

First Phase: Core Content

Goal: Provide a regular, steady stream of content

  • Staff writers develop a steady, regular cadence of content production.
    • Content focused on:
      • How to guides and intro level articles.
      • Navigating blockchain networks and ecosystems
      • Understanding Economics and Finance.
      • Understanding Cryptocurrency and Technology.
      • Opinion and Culture columns.
      • Developer Resources.
  • Supplement content with feature writers and community submissions.
  • Expand content types into multimedia. Primarily focusing on video guides and podcasts.
  • Create a Learn specific Discord for aspiring contributors to share draft articles or twitter threads to receive mentorship and feedback from the growing community of contributors. Our platforms will share organic content from this specific discord
    • This is the best way to get involved in the building of! If you are interested in sharing your knowledge or helping to build the decentralized DeFi brain make sure you join now!
  • Categorize our content so that users can quickly and easily find the information they seek.
  • Facilitate and implement community feedback. We are active on Discord and Twitter.
  • Begin translating to key languages as budget allows.

Second Phase: Expansion

Goal: Further diversify content and contributors

  • Increase focus on video content.
  • Begin development of Courses that reward some form of certification, possibly via NFTs. Such courses would include:
    • Suggested Beginner Developer Projects
    • Research tasks 
    • Interactive puzzles
    • Quizzes
  • Further diversify the community contributions with an emphasis on collaboration.
    • Begin exploring a structured, tiered contributor system.
  • Explore Web3 integrations.
  • Significant effort to translate content.

Third Phase: Consolidation

Goal: Sustainability

  • Courses become more robust and interactive, e.g. Crypto Zombies. Certifications become more specific and meaningful.
  • Leverage the network of contributors and builders to facilitate job placement and networking.
  • Finalize contributor system with a structured compensation and progression model.
  • Explore decentralization and tokenization.


Yes, we have lofty goals. However, we know that with the strength of our community, our domain knowledge and expertise, and our ambition we can bring these goals in reach and grasp them firmly. At the very least, we hope you continue to learn with us.

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