What the Hell are the Byte Masons up to?

What the hell are the Byte Masons up to?

This is a question I get asked a lot and I think today is a good day to answer it.

It’s decidedly difficult to give you a perfect snapshot of what we’re doing, where we’re going, or where we’re at because so much of our business is constantly in flux. Crypto moves fast and flexibility is important if we want to stay on the ball. Our plans change as we discuss, analyze and iterate on them daily.

Given this reality, I’m going to focus on developments that are well underway. These are our project that have no chance of being shelved or diverted by business or market needs. This information won’t be up-to-the-minute or “Alpha”. But the likelihood that these plans change are minimal.

Business Development

Business Development has been a big part of our activity these past few months, and mostly revolves around our cross chain efforts. We’ve been building out product offerings and pitch decks to get foundations interested in our research and software and the Byte Masons in general. We’ve got over 75% of our token supply ready to emit over the next decade and a suite of software to back it up, so we want to make sure they’re not wasted.


Our Research continues on lowering protocol-level risks and liabilities. This includes analyzing asset risk, quantifying a protocol’s risk exposure, and optimizing market parameters. Our research has exciting implications for both retail and enterprise finance. We will continue to iterate on this research so we can all build more efficient DeFi systems. Our plan is to build AI-powered tooling that assesses these risks for both protocols and users automatically.


We’re slowly ramping up our Security efforts by offering auditing services to teams across the industry. As we continue improving our fuzzing and formal verification skills, we hope to keep scaling these services up.

Reaper Farm

I’m super excited about the future of Reaper. Now that markets have cooled and retail interest has waned, we are moving our focus from individual crypts and strategies to infrastructure and abstraction. We\’ve also got multi-strategies and improved zappers on the horizon. Our ultimate goal is to make cross-chain DeFi investment totally seamless. We expect to be most of the way there by the time markets turn back up.


The Reliquary‘s contracts are in a really badass spot right now. We’ve been iterating on them quite a bit while we wait for security audits and business development to catch up. We plan on applying a lot of our aforementioned research to Reliquary’s incentive models to drive liquidity through our upcoming multi-strategies and to the broader DeFi ecosystem. I’ll keep some of the fun details a surprise, but we’re putting a lot of effort into an innovative UI/UX and are very excited to show it off.


Granary continues its unstoppable drive toward cross-chain dominance. Our data-driven approach to risk and incentives is very unique to brand new protocols — I’m excited to see fireworks once the team launches their token in the next few months. We’re helping them develop their business and raise liquidity and will continue our super friends strategy until Granary is one of the top lending protocols in DeFi.

We Byte Masons are building slowly and steadily with a focus on quality, scalability, and sustainability. With $OATH emissions hitting the floor and our longer term bizdev efforts taking shape, I’m going to try and be more vocal about the stuff we’re working on. If you like the developments I talked about in this article, stay tuned for the ones I can’t share yet 😂.

As always, thank you all for your trust, patience, and patronage while we try our best to shape the future of web3 and make our organization one of the best in the industry. I hope everyone is in good health and handling the bear market well.

Catch you next time,


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