Professor Crypto Banana: Justin Bebis Interview

Enjoy this three part interview from Professor Crypto Banana with our very own Justin Bebis. Topics include:

  • Who is Justin Bebis?
  • Who is Byte Masons? Why are they special?
  • What secures Byte Masons\’ longevity?
  • How does Byte Masons generate revenue? What about its balance sheet?
  • What does it mean to be a \”Big Finance Company\”?
  • Byte Masons are making major moves, but they are long-term plays.
  • What is Byte Masons attempting to accomplish?
  • Byte Masons helps so many projects on Fantom.
  • Has Byte Mason/Reaper Farm ever been exploited?
  • How is Byte Masons going to surpass other big businesses?
  • Is Fantom undervalued?
  • What is the benefit of Learn.ByteMasons?
  • How to attract Retail Investors towards education?
  • What is the BEST investment? Can you measure it?
  • How to become a crypto programmer? Resources?
  • How do you outperform other people in crypto?
  • What partnerships does Byte Masons currently have?
  • What is your connection to OXDao?
  • OATH Token
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