Nick Drakon with Justin Bebis: Crypto Security Risks, Hacks & Audits

Understanding security risk, both internal and external to a project is a core competency as an investor and trader in defi. Most of us are not anywhere near as competent as we should be in understanding these risks, primarily because they are very technical in nature.

I wanted to educate myself on this subject so i could be in a better position to protect my hard earned capital and make better decisions around which protocols and teams to trust me capital with.

Justin Bebis is an expert in security and is one of the few people on the Fantom block chain that speaks openly about the lack of focus on security from all stakeholders in defi. He is the co founder of the Byte Masons which is a security focused software team that runs the Reaper Farm yield optimiser platform on Fantom. This team also partners with other projects by providing them security services so that they too can secure their protocols.

I reached out to him to talk about audits, hacks, fraud and security. My focus was to try and discuss these topics in language that I could understand by using non technical analogies and comparisons.

Nick Drakon
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